Claudia was born in Amos, Québec. 
She left for Guatemala with an NGO from Canada to work with Maya woman after studying horticulture.
 With no formal training in the visual arts, she tried day after day to capture the essence of these woman.
Her paintings represent the melancholic souls and inner strength that motivates them. She also likes to explore the universal connection between mother and child.
She stayed in Guatemala for 12 years. She opened an art Gallery and established herself at the heart of regional culture. Her work was shown at countless exhibits throughout Central America. She would not have left, if it were not for the rising violence. She has now returned to Montréal with her Guatemalan born son. She still paints full time, now more dedicated to children's books, with always the same intention, love.

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  1. I am in awe and respect and admiration for such beauty and inspiration. How LOVEly and precious. Words now escape me but I feel kinship (perhaps because I was born in Montreal and also because I am endeared to Mother & Child connections) Thank you for such incredible work. I wish to glean something from the joy I see in your work, something that will spark such creativity within myself, not to compete, not to compare, not to mimic, but to share and to excite in the tremendous soul with which you paint. I just entered the Etsy Scene again, you can find me if you choose as JunnieStar ~ I favored your page back in 2012 when I once was listing on Etsy. I am choosing 6 years later to become visible. What a glorious example you are of visibility. Thank you for inspiring me and the many others who are equally intrigued with your work.